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Diving World Record Attempt Ends In Tragedy For Dr. Guy Garman

Egyptian breaks record for world’s deepest scuba dive – Al Arabiya News.



Check out the article featuring our very own Dr. Bill Lamm in the Cumberland Times News!

In Way Over His Head

Apparently diving is once again prohibited at Mt. Storm. Here are some sites to watch for updates.


Mt. Storm Open Again!

Apparently Mt. Storm in now open to divers once again with some basic rules.

The word is there are three conditions.

1. Divers must pick up their trash and keep the area clean.

2. All divers must use the diver entry area, meaning the step area, and are not to enter the water near the boat dock.

3. Divers are to use as little parking space as possible. If you bring a tarp, or tent or canopy it is to be infront of your vehicle and not beside it. In other words, only one spot per vehicle.

Should be easy enough. Will post more info as provided.


Mt.  Storm has suspended any swimming/diving from the entire boat launch area until further notice.

Here are a couple sites with further information:


Western MD Divers In the News

Click on the link below to check out the Times News article.

Scouts get first experience with SCUBA diving



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