Fall 2013 Scuba Class

The 2013 Fall scuba class starts Sept. 10th at 7pm.

View the course info on Allegany College’s site here http://www.allegany.edu/x2763.xml, or call Spotty @ 301-707-3085.

SCUBA Certification – Open Water (C/S068)
The Open Water SCUBA class is designed to provide students with the background knowledge and water skills to be certified as an Open Water SCUBA diver with SCUBA Diving International (SDI). This is a six (6) week course which consists of two (2) hours each week of classroom instruction to address the physics and physiology of breathing compressed gases and the hazards related to SCUBA diving. The other two (2) hours each week are pool activities to familiarize students with the dive equipment and practice the water skills needed for a safe diving experience. There will be a final exam that will cover all related dive information. After successful completion of the classroom and pool components of the course, four (4) open water checkout dives will be scheduled. These are low stress, controlled dives in local lakes to help students make the transition to open water diving. Students will need their own mask, fins and a snorkel for this class. These can be ordered the first night of class for an additional fee of $115 – $125. This includes a mask, fins, snorkel, booties, a mask box and a mesh carrying bag.

9/10-10/16, Tuesdays (Classroom Instruction) & Wednesdays (Pool Instruction) (12 Sessions)
7:00-9:00 PM
ACM: G-171 & Pool
Instructors: F. S. Kiser/ William Lamm
Course Cost: $350.00
(includes $75.00 material fee)
Maryland Senior Course Cost: $304.00

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