The Western Maryland Dive Club is a group that meets when the mood strikes, to socialize and talk about current diving topics of common interest. These issues range from diving safety to where we are going on our next trip.

Over the years the club has expanded from just a group of divers to a bunch of fun-loving individuals who enjoy each other’s company and love to travel to exotic places together.

Any individual, diver or non-diver, who is interested in snorkeling, SCUBA or group travel, is invited to participate. Most of our members are former students of our diving guru, Spotty Kiser.

Most of the time we meet, as mentioned before, when the spirit moves one of us to arrange a gathering. Most of the time events are announced by e-mail and now hopefully through this web site. We usually meet at restaurants, because we love to eat, and some of us have been known to have an occasional taste for rum. We also gather at the homes of our members or any place which has not previously asked us to leave!!!

If you are not a diver and would like to become one, or if you are looking for advanced training, check out our Training Page. If you are a diver and would like to join or are just looking for diving buddies, check out the Buddy Listing and fill out the membership form so we can contact you about events.

Thank you for your interest in the Western Maryland Dive Club and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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